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December 12, 2013

It has been ages since I caught up here.

We had a baby.  Aria.  Her arrival wasn’t how I imagined it, but she is here, healthy, and already 7 months old.  Mom to 3 suits me.  I’m secretly hoping MrB decides he is on board for “just one more”, somehow it seems strange to me to be 100% done with this phase in my life.

We’ve moved.  Au revoir, Metz.  Bonjour, Strasbourg.  My first impressions after 3 months is that I really like it.  The people are nice, the villages are beautiful.  The wine is good.  The only bummer so far is MissL’s school.  It is nowhere as great as the school she was in last year.  The classes have lots of students (27 in a class of four year olds!), and her maitresse (also the directrice) just had a three week absence, which I hear from other Mom’s happened several times last year.  It isn’t a huge deal, but it is a bit of a shame.  I really loved getting her projects and art last year and this year it seems to be a lot less organized, and so far, we’ve gotten nothing home from school other then drawings on paper she’s stuffed in her backpack.  She comes home for lunch every day, on the bus, which she loves. 

I’m really enjoying this period in my life. My New Years Resolution is to live ‘healthier’.  Hopefully better meals, more exercise.  I’m also hoping to get better at speaking to my girls in English.  Because lately that has really gone to the wayside and it is too bad.  Evie is almost 100% ‘French’ if I can say so.  I know it is largely my fault, but I wish it were different.  

Sigh.  Lesson learned.  English only from here on out!  🙂 

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