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Where I come to the Internet to moan… again

March 15, 2013

So, had my ultrasound.  This baby is breech.  Cue very frustrated me.

MissL was breech and I had a C Section.  I’ve already been warned that if this one is breech it’ll be another C Section.  I really, really do not want another C Section and staying at the hospital 5+ days would be really hard on all of us. 

I’m doing yoga, going to see the oesteopath, and am going to start looking for a acupuncturist.  If anyone can spare some ‘head down baby’ thoughts my way I’d really appreciate it though.  I am really pretty stressed about it, my C Section was rough, the first few days were horrid and I didn’t have other kids at the time.  Evie was so, so, so easy in comparison…

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