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Clearly, this blogging thing is hard for me.

June 3, 2012

Clearly, this blogging thing is hard for me!  At least finding the time to do it.

Evie is doing great, and is now 6 months old.   I can’t believe it.  My baby!  She is very active, trying to crawl already, and wants to keep up with her sister!  We’ve just started offering her a bit of solids here and there, but only a tiny bit every few days as she isn’t that into it yet.  I think that she looks more like me then her sister, who is a girl version of her Papa.

We also welcomed a new member to the family…  Shelby, a mini dauschund.  Shelby is fun, great with MissL who she loves, a total cuddle bug…  and a nightmare to train.  She runs outside for an hour, then promptly runs inside and within 15 minutes, poops.  She is lots of fun though, and I have hope that one day, she’ll get it.  In the meantime she lets MissL love on her, which is not a lot of loving but a lot of rough hugs…  She wears the santa cape MissL found for her (a gift to the chihuahua that he’ll never wear), we can dress her up with necklaces, baby clothes, clips, bracelets, she doesn’t mind in the least.  So, we’ll deal with the rest, she is still young in the whole scheme of things.

Metz is okay.  We’ve been here 6 months, and while our house is big with a decent yard, I am a bit nostalgic for our house with our large yard, fruit trees…  Logistically I know as a family of four it would have been a squeeze, but it has proved to me that we do need a house with a good fenced in yard, and my heart is holding out for a farmhouse, where I can garden some, maybe have a few chickens etc.  I am also hoping when MissL starts school to meet a few local people.  The good news, I guess, is that we have someone that left a note in our mailbox at our house that is potentially interested in buying it, and we also have a plan b, that I prefer, which is to rent our house.  It is in Ile de France, on a nice plot of land, I think in a few years we could either sell it for a profit (since someone else would be paying for the majority of it for the next few years), or, try to hold on to it.  If the girls go to school in Paris they could live there and commute in, we could keep it and add on as a secondary home if we end up living elsewhere.  The other possibility, is that at some point we end up back in Paris, as most jobs cycle back to Paris at some point.  I guess if that was the case we could add on and live there.  At the end of the day, my personal thought is that we have more possibilities later, in keeping it, then in selling it.  We aren’t going to purchase a place here yet, as we may move again in the next few years, so we want to be sure we’re staying, before purchasing a family home.

Voila, hopefully more soon, but no promises…  😉



December 25, 2011

As I am sitting here with the baby, waiting for my ‘big’ girl to wake up so we can do the Christmas gift opening thing, I thought I’d catch up on the end of the year chez nous, in a series of posts.  This one will be all about my second baby, Evie.

Evie.  My second baby made a quick arrival into the world.  I woke up the morning on November 19th having contractions about every 10 minutes or so.  Somehow I knew it was ‘the’ day, despite having had regular contractions in the evenings for a week or so before.  I gently woke up MrB to let him know today was the day and he ‘hmmpffed’ and rolled over.  I got up and starting puttering around, cleaning things up, packing a small bag for MissL, threw together a suitcase for myself.  MrB and MissL woke up a few hours later, likely around 10am or so.  We all watched tv, and just hung out the three of us.  At around 3pm my contractions we about 5 minutes apart and we now painful.  We decided to go to the hospital to see where things were when I could no longer walk through them, and hand to basically drop to all 4’s to get through them. 

We got to the hospital at around 3.30pm.  I was checked by the midwife that came down from the maternity ward (her collegues were all buzy birthing babies at that moment), and said to be at a 3-4.  We had MissL with us still as my sister in law was on her way but from Paris it was kind of a drive and there were a lot of people on the road that day.  She told my husband that she thought I’d have the baby at some point in the evening/that night.  MrB headed off with MissL to take  her home and meet my sister in law.  Less then 5 minutes after he left, my water broke in a giant splash all over the pre-birthing room, on the bed, the floor, all over.  All of a sudden the pain was way more intense.  I pushed the call button frantically until someone came in to check on  me.  The water was clear, but the pain was strong.  The midwife came to take me to a birthing room, and asked if I wanted an epidural.  I said I did, even though I wanted to birth this baby with no pain medication, and it was clear why I said yes just a few minutes later…  I started feeling like I had to push, and I was having a hard time getting up on the bed.  When I finally got up, she checked me again, and, yes, I was having the baby!  No time for an epidural, the midwife was running around trying to get her gloves on etc.  I had someone call MrB. who didn’t answer to tell him to get over there now.  And all of a sudden the midwife was telling me to push when I felt the need…

MrB literally showed up for the push that brought out Evie’s head.  One more big push later and her body slipped right out, and she was placed on my chest.   I seriously couldn’t believe it.  It was a lot of work, but not as bad as I thought.  We both stared at our second girl (tears of joy when MrB checked and told me it was a girl!), while I got cleaned up and a few stitches (though no muscle or skin tears, thankfully- the stitches were internal).  Evie was weighed, 3.665 kilos, almost the same as her sister.  The most unpleasant experience was when the midwife had to do an ‘uterine revision’ as my placenta came out no problem, but some membranes wouldn’t detach.  Since I didn’t have any pain medication, and have a scarred uterus from my C Section with MissL, it was important that she get the membranes out soon, so, that wasn’t fun, but it wasn’t that bad either.  I’d do it again any day over a C Section.

Evie was born at 4:55pm.  MissL was watched by the midwife from the maternity ward, who felt bad for telling us we had more time then we did.  MrB took MissL out for dinner while Evie and I got taken up to our room.  Everything went the best it possibly could.  With MissL I felt like my body had betrayed me, let me down.  Breastfeeding was really, really difficult, and a lot of work.  Everything this time around was about as perfect as it could have been.  If I had the assurance that all my future births would be that easy, and the follow up just as good, I think that I would have half a dozen kids.  it was really healing for me compared to the first time around.

Anyone considering a VBAC I would highly, highly encourage it, if all factors point towards things being possible.  I ended up having a scan done of my pelvis to see if baby would fit (according to the head of the OBGYN/Maternity dept I have an ‘excellent’ pelvis for having babies), a 4th ultrasound, I spend an overnight in the hospital to watch my high blood pressure (pregnancy induced, isolated high blood pressure), and a nice 8 lb baby, but I was able to have my baby via a VBAC.  Any future kids we have, I hope things go as well as Evie’s birth!

An update

October 14, 2011

Since it appears that I am incapable of actually regularly keeping this up, (because my life isn’t all that exciting!), I thought I’d run by and do a quick update…

We are moving!

MrB got an offer he can’t refuse, so we are packing up from the Ile de France and heading over to Metz.  We went this past weekend to look at a few rentals for the time being while we sell our place, and to check out the town since I’ve certainly never been and MrB either.  We ended up signing to rent a house, with 3 bedrooms and a small yard at the end of an impasse.  The yard kind of gives on a parking lot for the halte garderie, but we can put up some wooden panels to block the view if we want.  At the end of the day we are hoping this is temporary, with a little luck in 18 months time our place will be sold and we’ll have found what we want over there so it will hopefully be short lived.  (Plus not to mention that both our house payment and renting is pricey, but we don’t want to split up!)  Looking at all those rentals made me realize just how lucky we are to have our current house, and how much we’ll miss it despite its shortcomings and the fact that we’ll have basically outgrown it in 6 months time.

We made it back on Wednesday and I am really glad we foud and signed for a place, since I don’t think I’ll be making many more trips until this new babe is born.  Because, yes, in the midst of all of this we are also having a baby at the end of November.  We signed for our new place from December 1st, and are thinking we’ll move sometime between the 8th and the 15th of December…  Thankfully his new job is paying for movers so we don’t even have to pack boxes, I think they are doing it all for us.  With a new baby, and my toddler I just don’t know how we could have done it all!  That said it looks like MrB will be ‘mise au jardin*’ from the 15th of November, so he’ll be around to help out!

I am also worried about another breech baby.  MissL was breech which ended up in a CSection for me.  With all that we have going on, and just because I hated having a CSection, I am really hoping for a head down baby this time around, and a successful vaginal birth.  Plus we’d like to have 3-4 kiddos we think (though maybe this will change once we have 2!) so, if I can avoid a CSection it’d be great.  I’ve gone to the osteopath, and I have the name of an acupuncturist in Paris that I’ll go to if baby is breech at my next appointment.  So, things are, well, really busy, but looking good.  I am a little nervous about leaving here and moving on to something else, but our quality of life should increase, and, you don’t know if you don’t try!


Long time, no post!

June 17, 2011

I wonder if I am really meant to do this blogging thing.  I seem to be so busy living lately, that I have no time for anything else!

New life is growing inside me, which also makes me tired and sometimes grumpy…  MissL will have a little brother or sister for the end of November.  MrB will be facing some decisions at work that are going to force us to evaluate our decisions as a family…  We’re hoping for the best, and worst comes to worst, we maintain our status quo, which isn’t so bad either.

MissL is turning into a little girl before our very eyes.  She still dosen’t say much, at least that we get, but she does have a few sentences that we hear often.  Papa has turned into her absolute favorite person.  In the evenings while she waits for him to come home, any sound causes her to point to her ear, and say in her little voice “C’est qui ca?” When it is her Papa opening the gate, we stand together and watch him back his car into the driveway, and once the brake is pulled her rolly little legs run towards the car to jump into his arms.  It reminds me of when I was little and we were waiting for my Dad to come home.  To this day, my Dad is my hero, and I hope the same for MissL.  I wouldn’t want to miss that coming home moment for the world.

Been a while!

April 1, 2011

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged!  Life gets all crazy on me sometimes and I forget…

So, we have gone and returned from the US.  The plane trip was fine, AirFrance gave us a cute little mini row of two seats so MissL had her ‘own’ seat.  We made it to the states and spent a few days just hanging at home, my parents were in a small accident with their only car that seats more then two, so we had no car to start with…  Then, MissL and I were hit with the flu.  Hard.  After almost a week of not feeling great at all, numerous internal debates about whether or not I should take her to a Doctor, we started feeling better.  And that was about 6 days before we flew out.  So, all of our usual activities had to be condensed down into a few days!  We still had fun though!  I only took ONE picture my entire time there!!  Being really sick threw off all my reflexes…

Easter!  I can’t wait this year!!  My Mom is sending lots of plastic eggs, egg dying kits, all kinds of fun goodies so that we can have a big egg hunt in our yard for all of our friends kids!

The assistante maternelle idea is still in the works.  We’ve more or less come to the conclusion that we need to have a bigger house for this.  So, the old debate between adding on or moving is back on the table.  Sigh.  Since we are in the country, I think the people from the PMI like for the kids to be in homes with lots of space and big yards.  Though the yard part we have…

So lots of the same from here.  Enjoying life with MissL.  She is really fantastic, and I am so happy to spend my days with her!  Especially since her Papa tends to work a lot, so I get lots of time with my sidekick.


Buy me a ticket to crazytown

February 21, 2011

So, things, as usual chez nous are a lot of talking, thinking, considering, measuring and all that good stuff.

I am still avoiding the job like the plague.  My most recent idea, which is what earns me the blog title above, is to become a nounou.  I really like kids.  Always have.  And, it seems to be mutual.  At parties the little kids flock to me, because I can’t help but play with them.  This, coupled with my total lack of desire to go back to my soul sucking job, has led me to the conclusion that I should maybe consider doing the nounou thing.  Plus, and I am not sure if French people would consider this an atout or not, but I could speak English to the little ones, ensuring at least some exposure, and if I had them until they went to school they might even have some basics in English.  I am not sure if this is crazy or not, but it is a way that I could stay at home, be here for my kids, be here for other kids, and also make a little money.

In between researching that, I am trying so hard to finish Fall of Giants, by Ken Follet.  I generally love all of his stuff and this seems to be no exception, though I am waiting to see how it all ties together in the end!!

I also worked in our yard some this weekend.  And, suprise, suprise, I really liked it.  I seem to forget that every year.  I also re-learnt, like every year, that I trim things like my Dad.  Basically, I cut it all back to a few sticks poking out of the ground.  Oops.  Here is to hoping that it all grows back fine…  I left MissL in the house with her Papa, while I tromped around in the yard some.  It was so cute, she waited for me, standing at the big glass door for the whole time I was gone.  Every time I walked by she raised her little hand to wave to me.  I think my heart melted about a thousand times.

When it is not raining, we have been going for walks.  The stoller I leave at home now, MissL likes to strike out on her own, and check things out.  And there are tons of things to look at on our walks.  Dogs, dirt, mud, leaves, fences, plants…  Her favorite is when we walk by the neighbors house.  His dogs are really friendly, and Bandit likes to slip in their yard and run wild with his retrievers for a few minutes before popping back over to our side.  It is pretty comical to see, and MissL loves to stand on the road side of the fence and watch, giggling the whole time.

We’ve got a girl trip to the US planned for a few weeks.  I have to start getting all my stuff together.  I’ve got a few things I promised to take here and there that I have to locate and start piling up, otherwise I am planning on going over more or less ’empty’, I have a feeling I am going to leave with MissL clothed for a good year again, among other goodies.

We are also still hemming and hawing about our add on possibilities.  It would be nice to do that before starting the nounou business if I wanted to go that route.  MissL’s room is currently off of my office, her room could become the nap room, the office could become a playroom…  We could add on a big kitchen/dining room, with two bedrooms upstairs (yay for us all being on the same floor!), and we’d still have our old kitchen downstairs as a boudoir/guest room.  That said, we are talking about a TON of work.  I think we have about 70% of the cash needed, but we really don’t want to take out another loan to do any work.  So, who knows.  The interim solution is to move the office out to the workshop, and have that be a play/nap room.  That would also mean that the workshop would be redone (though likely a cheap-ish job – insulation, tile flooring, and a wee tiny wood burning stove, a new door and one window would do the job, most of which we could do ourselves).  I think that this may be the best solution.  It would also mean that if we do the house work, the office could stay outside and away, nice for when MrB has to work at home if I am wrastling kiddos all day.  And if we decide to move and NOT do the work, it is an additional room for buyers.  It’d work well for a profession liberale.

If you got through all that, thanks, not that exciting really, just lots of thoughts about this and that!  A few photos as a ‘thank you’!

All smiles! This girl is my sunshine.

On the go!!

A clean house

January 26, 2011

This weekend we did a huge clean out of our house.  The number of trashbags that went out is kind of embarrsing to admit.

For my one closet, alone, I have two bags to give away, and two bags of trash.  And this is only one side of my closet.  At some point I am going to have to attack the other side.  Maybe once my eyes get over the dust from the first side…

It feels really good though, to get rid of what we don’t need.  Pass along what is still ‘good’ to others, chuck out all the mismatched socks, holed sweaters and anything that hasn’t been worn in the past 3 years.  (I gave myself the 3 year time frame because I was pregnant, had a baby and all, so my clothing choices were kind of limited.

At any rate it feels so nice to start the new(ish) year with a clean home, and much less stuff.  Here is to hoping the trend continues, it makes our house feel much bigger!