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February 16, 2013

In addition to trying to get ready for Little One #3 to make his (or her) big appearance we are also bidding our time waiting to hear about another potential move.  MrB’s company is again reorganizing, and while we have a fairly good idea of what it will mean for us, we’re waiting for the ‘official’ word before making plans.

Of course this all happens, again, while I am pregnant.  It seems to be a catalyst for change for us in more way then one, pregnancy.

I’ve been soaking up my girls while they are just 2 of them.  Like I mentioned I feel a bit bad about Evie being the baby for so little, before giving up her spot.  I am just hoping that this little one goes head down and has an ‘easy’ a birth as his (or her!) sister so I can get home asap.  I’m worried about my girls while I’ll be gone, even if I know their Papa will take good care of them.

I had a longer test for gestational diabetes today, 2 hours spent at the lab people watching and getting blood draws.  Hopefully I don’t test positive for diabetes!

I have to remind myself it will all work out as it should, though I’d appreciate any positive thoughts that it all goes ‘easy’…  A long hospital stay would be really rough on all of us at this point.

I’ve also been debating quitting my work at home job as I have no idea how I would even begin to juggle that with 3 kids.  In Fall Lily will be going to school, coming home for lunch, then back to school and then I’ll have to go back and pick her up again.  I am not sure I can handle 4 trips to and from school a day, lunch, baby watching and working 4ish hours per day…  Sigh.

Breathe.  It will all work out somehow.

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