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My Big Girl

June 6, 2012

Yesterday, I finally called.  I think it broke my heart a little.

My ‘big’ girl, who still looks so little to me is going to start pre-school, maternelle, as they say here.

So, I had to call the directrice, get a list of documents I need.  Go to the mayors office for a piece of paper attesting to the fact that we do live at our address, photocopies of her vaccination record, and today, a Doctors appointment with a piece of paper that proves she is apt to participate in ‘la vie en collectivité’.

Sigh.  I am happy for her, I think that she is going to love it.  And I am also a bit sad.  My baby!  In pre-school!  I am only going to put her in mornings though to start.  I figure it is easier let her stay later if she wants to, then it is to back off later.  The afternoon in petite section they mainly nap though so I figure she might as well nap at home.

I’ll update when I’ve met the Directrice (alone!) on Thursday and I know more.  I also have to figure out exactly where the school is, as the primaire and maternelle are right next to each other and I am not sure which is which…

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  1. Milam permalink
    August 20, 2012 10:28 am

    It does tug at your heart to see your first-born in that sea of little faces. I think you’re right though- once you see her having fun, you’ll feel ok. The socialization is really important for them and now she’ll start getting confident about all she can do. Don’t worry if you cry- I did!

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