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June 5, 2012

(Twice in one week, I think I deserve an award of some kind!)

Saturday we are getting up and the way too early hour of 4:30am to leave at 5:30am for a communion waaaayyy over on the west side of Paris.  We were invited back in February, and agreed to go as we really like the family that invited us.  The mother also happens to be MrB’s godmother, so it was kind of one of those things where you can’t refuse.  Not that we wanted to.  These people are a lot of fun and have friends that are great as well so we like heading over to their neck of the woods for a fun day.

Anyways, the whole ceremony (mass?) starts at 10:30am in a smallish village with horrid parking, so we need to get there around 10am I think so we aren’t late.  Google Maps is annoncing 3 and a half hours, with no traffic, which is unlikely around Paris, especially if the weather is nice.  Worse case it only takes that long, we’ll just have a coffee and croissant before entering the church. There is no way we’ll get there early as I have to do the driving, MrB lost another 2 points the other day and is down to just 1…

After the church part I hear we are all going out to a restaurant for lunch.  Sounds fun.  But this is where I get a bit stuck.  The girls of this family, both have their birthdays in July.  The older one, doing the Communion, mentioned to me at one point that for her birthday and her communion she is getting a laptop.  And I need a gift as well.  She is around 12-13 I think, and we aren’t the god parents so jewelry dosen’t seem right…  I was thinking, given the computer gift, of buying her a Swaroski USB key (those funky manga type ones).  They are pricey, if I had a cheaper idea I’d go for it, but I can’t seem to think of anything.  I am also not sure that she really needs one, but like I said I am coming up with NOTHING for an idea and it is the only thing I can think of…  For the younger sister I am going to get a bracelet or earrings or something for her birthday and so she isn’t left out.  Anyone out there have a better idea then me?

And, my girls were gifted ‘party’ dresses in the US this past trip.  MissL is dying to wear hers, is it ok attire?  They are basically Easter dresses, I don’t know if they are too dressed up or not…  I also have a baby still nursing, so will likely nurse in the Church, after the 4 hour drive I imagine she’ll be hungry…  I guess we can always duck out if we need to, might be a nice break really, as it sounds like the service will be at least an hour long, if not longer.

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