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Clearly, this blogging thing is hard for me.

June 3, 2012

Clearly, this blogging thing is hard for me!  At least finding the time to do it.

Evie is doing great, and is now 6 months old.   I can’t believe it.  My baby!  She is very active, trying to crawl already, and wants to keep up with her sister!  We’ve just started offering her a bit of solids here and there, but only a tiny bit every few days as she isn’t that into it yet.  I think that she looks more like me then her sister, who is a girl version of her Papa.

We also welcomed a new member to the family…  Shelby, a mini dauschund.  Shelby is fun, great with MissL who she loves, a total cuddle bug…  and a nightmare to train.  She runs outside for an hour, then promptly runs inside and within 15 minutes, poops.  She is lots of fun though, and I have hope that one day, she’ll get it.  In the meantime she lets MissL love on her, which is not a lot of loving but a lot of rough hugs…  She wears the santa cape MissL found for her (a gift to the chihuahua that he’ll never wear), we can dress her up with necklaces, baby clothes, clips, bracelets, she doesn’t mind in the least.  So, we’ll deal with the rest, she is still young in the whole scheme of things.

Metz is okay.  We’ve been here 6 months, and while our house is big with a decent yard, I am a bit nostalgic for our house with our large yard, fruit trees…  Logistically I know as a family of four it would have been a squeeze, but it has proved to me that we do need a house with a good fenced in yard, and my heart is holding out for a farmhouse, where I can garden some, maybe have a few chickens etc.  I am also hoping when MissL starts school to meet a few local people.  The good news, I guess, is that we have someone that left a note in our mailbox at our house that is potentially interested in buying it, and we also have a plan b, that I prefer, which is to rent our house.  It is in Ile de France, on a nice plot of land, I think in a few years we could either sell it for a profit (since someone else would be paying for the majority of it for the next few years), or, try to hold on to it.  If the girls go to school in Paris they could live there and commute in, we could keep it and add on as a secondary home if we end up living elsewhere.  The other possibility, is that at some point we end up back in Paris, as most jobs cycle back to Paris at some point.  I guess if that was the case we could add on and live there.  At the end of the day, my personal thought is that we have more possibilities later, in keeping it, then in selling it.  We aren’t going to purchase a place here yet, as we may move again in the next few years, so we want to be sure we’re staying, before purchasing a family home.

Voila, hopefully more soon, but no promises…  😉

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