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December 25, 2011

As I am sitting here with the baby, waiting for my ‘big’ girl to wake up so we can do the Christmas gift opening thing, I thought I’d catch up on the end of the year chez nous, in a series of posts.  This one will be all about my second baby, Evie.

Evie.  My second baby made a quick arrival into the world.  I woke up the morning on November 19th having contractions about every 10 minutes or so.  Somehow I knew it was ‘the’ day, despite having had regular contractions in the evenings for a week or so before.  I gently woke up MrB to let him know today was the day and he ‘hmmpffed’ and rolled over.  I got up and starting puttering around, cleaning things up, packing a small bag for MissL, threw together a suitcase for myself.  MrB and MissL woke up a few hours later, likely around 10am or so.  We all watched tv, and just hung out the three of us.  At around 3pm my contractions we about 5 minutes apart and we now painful.  We decided to go to the hospital to see where things were when I could no longer walk through them, and hand to basically drop to all 4’s to get through them. 

We got to the hospital at around 3.30pm.  I was checked by the midwife that came down from the maternity ward (her collegues were all buzy birthing babies at that moment), and said to be at a 3-4.  We had MissL with us still as my sister in law was on her way but from Paris it was kind of a drive and there were a lot of people on the road that day.  She told my husband that she thought I’d have the baby at some point in the evening/that night.  MrB headed off with MissL to take  her home and meet my sister in law.  Less then 5 minutes after he left, my water broke in a giant splash all over the pre-birthing room, on the bed, the floor, all over.  All of a sudden the pain was way more intense.  I pushed the call button frantically until someone came in to check on  me.  The water was clear, but the pain was strong.  The midwife came to take me to a birthing room, and asked if I wanted an epidural.  I said I did, even though I wanted to birth this baby with no pain medication, and it was clear why I said yes just a few minutes later…  I started feeling like I had to push, and I was having a hard time getting up on the bed.  When I finally got up, she checked me again, and, yes, I was having the baby!  No time for an epidural, the midwife was running around trying to get her gloves on etc.  I had someone call MrB. who didn’t answer to tell him to get over there now.  And all of a sudden the midwife was telling me to push when I felt the need…

MrB literally showed up for the push that brought out Evie’s head.  One more big push later and her body slipped right out, and she was placed on my chest.   I seriously couldn’t believe it.  It was a lot of work, but not as bad as I thought.  We both stared at our second girl (tears of joy when MrB checked and told me it was a girl!), while I got cleaned up and a few stitches (though no muscle or skin tears, thankfully- the stitches were internal).  Evie was weighed, 3.665 kilos, almost the same as her sister.  The most unpleasant experience was when the midwife had to do an ‘uterine revision’ as my placenta came out no problem, but some membranes wouldn’t detach.  Since I didn’t have any pain medication, and have a scarred uterus from my C Section with MissL, it was important that she get the membranes out soon, so, that wasn’t fun, but it wasn’t that bad either.  I’d do it again any day over a C Section.

Evie was born at 4:55pm.  MissL was watched by the midwife from the maternity ward, who felt bad for telling us we had more time then we did.  MrB took MissL out for dinner while Evie and I got taken up to our room.  Everything went the best it possibly could.  With MissL I felt like my body had betrayed me, let me down.  Breastfeeding was really, really difficult, and a lot of work.  Everything this time around was about as perfect as it could have been.  If I had the assurance that all my future births would be that easy, and the follow up just as good, I think that I would have half a dozen kids.  it was really healing for me compared to the first time around.

Anyone considering a VBAC I would highly, highly encourage it, if all factors point towards things being possible.  I ended up having a scan done of my pelvis to see if baby would fit (according to the head of the OBGYN/Maternity dept I have an ‘excellent’ pelvis for having babies), a 4th ultrasound, I spend an overnight in the hospital to watch my high blood pressure (pregnancy induced, isolated high blood pressure), and a nice 8 lb baby, but I was able to have my baby via a VBAC.  Any future kids we have, I hope things go as well as Evie’s birth!

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  1. December 25, 2011 1:58 pm

    That is amazing! I am so happy for you!

  2. Milam permalink
    December 27, 2011 2:09 pm

    Really one for the record books! What a speedy delivery. You hear about those on the second or third kids when the moms are a bit more in the groove, so to speak. I’m thrilled that things are going so well for baby number two and I love the name. Take care!

  3. March 16, 2012 1:55 pm


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