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January 7, 2011

January is always a weird month for me.  The start of the calendar year, but the start of the year, to me, always feels like spring.

I am trying to stick to my goals to be a more local gal this year.  I stopped at a local farm to pick up some food for dinner tonight, but I think the person that runs the store part was out somewhere else on the farm, because after standing around for a good 15 minutes, I finally left!  I will go back though, the odors from the store were divine,  and I am hungry just thinking about it.  Now that I have found the ‘store’ part of the farm, which was not an easy feat, I think that we will go back this weekend maybe.  I spied, while there, some ‘American’ bacon in the window, and I have been thinking about it ever since.

MissL and I have been throughly enjoying each other.  She is hitting a phase that is slightly frustrating.  Now that she has walking with objects in her hands down, all day is a game of re-direction.  I am trying to not say “No!” so much because I feel like that is all I say somedays, and she is mainly a really good kid.  Even if she tries my patience a lot lately!  Last night, in the bathtub she was laughing, and that toddler laugh is so soul fulfilling, I wish I could bottle it up for those times when I feel like I am close to the end of my rope!  Speaking of bellies, she has the greatest little toddler belly, ever.  Perfect for holding onto, it fits perfectly in my hand.

This girl was made to make her Mama happy.


As usual, we are waiting for some things to ‘happen’ or not, before making some big choices this year.  It seems fitting for the month of January, of new beginnings, to potentially have some in store for us.

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  1. Milam permalink
    January 29, 2011 1:05 pm

    Mine’s two and a half and there are still lots of “no” days. Sometimes I try the old, “Mmm, that’s not a good idea to touch that.” But she’s on to me!

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