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December 11, 2010

Lots going on here, and lots that in ‘en suspens‘.

We are considering adding on to our house.  I can’t decide if we are crazy, smart(?), or somewhere in between.  The logic is that we have some cash, so we would likely not need any financing.  If we are to move, we wouldn’t be able to buy up much because, unless I go back to my soul sucking job, our borrowing power will have gone down quite a bit, so that plus any money we have aside won’t make a total much more then what we paid for our current house, so we wouldn’t be able to upgrade much.  Even though our borrowing capacity is technically less then it would be if we were to borrow money again, we have no problems making our payments.  Plus, the other end of the logic is, that buying a new house, means paying those pesky notary fees again, which are pricey.  We have no concrete plans yet, just some vague ideas.  And, for the moment our house is big enough for us, so no rush, though it is nice to dream.  We also have to decide if we can, or want, to go through all that work.  Things take a long, long time in France, and projects like that tend to cost more then the original budget…  The idea is also that if we were ever to move we would get our money back from the sale of a house that would be twice the size of the one we originally bought, and we have a really nice yard…  First things first, though, an architect to come and tell us what is possible, what isn’t, and give us an idea of costs.

No Christmas tree yet.  Maybe tomorrow.  At my parents we go cut down a sapling in the woods, and I am kind of considering doing the same thing year.  Thirty some euros for a dwarf tree seems pricey to me, and our backyard backs up to a forest where I am sure we can find a branch or something to use as a tree.  We are hoping to go to the Christmas market in Reims also.  I think we have maybe 4 ornaments that are the cheap kind bought in a tub at the store, so I’d like to add to our collection some.

Snow, snow and more snow.  It has now finally melted, for the second time, and it looks like we are expecting a third bout early next week.  I have let to take MissL out to play in the snow really, because she really hates wearing shoes (still), and while I am fairly ‘cool‘ as the French say about somethings, not wearing shoes out in the snow is not okay.  Maybe next week she’ll let me strap something other then Robeez on her feet for a walk in the snow.

I have decided to knit MrB a scarf for Christmas, as well as getting him a station meteo.  So far, I have neither, not the yarn, nor the station meteo.  So, I know what I am doing next week!

We are staying home for Christmas this year, we will go see MrB’s parents on the 26th for a few days, although they have no idea where they are going to be.

That is all for now, a photo post to come!

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