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Catch up and Christmas countdown

December 6, 2010

It has been a long time since I’ve updated here.  Besides worrying incesently about having to return to my job, (which I have once again postponed!), these past few weeks have been fun, tiring, and challenging.

MissL has started to walk in the past four weeks or so.  It is actually pretty funny, because as soon as we see her, and acknowledge that she is walking, she sits on her bottom.  If we don’t say anything and let her continue on her way, she can actually make it pretty far on her own.  Those first little steps are so cute.  And the feeling when your child takes those first wobbly steps towards you, and then lunges the rest of the way, because she knows that you will catch her, and her trust in you is complete, is great.  She had a vaccination at around 13 months, and her weight gain is finally slowing down.  We are still nursing, though much less then before, and I think we are going to set up a bed in her room.  She hates the crib, and always has.

Picking out her pumpkin!

Not too sure about turning one!

MrB’s parents still have no idea what they are doing for Christmas, so we finally just told them that we’d be celebrating at home, the 3 of us, and we will go see them after the fact, wherever it is that they are.  I don’t think that his Mom was very happy, but, we did Christmas with them last year.  We probably, long term, won’t be able to afford to go to my parents place every other year, so, it seems fair to me that we celebrate with my in-laws one year, and do a traditional Christmas from my side of the family the in-between years.  I think that she has yet to come to term with the fact that with them being in the south it is not all that easy to see them often.  I am really excited to do something at home for once.  This will be the first time.  I am not too sure how MrB feels about it, but I am planing on doing something really nice, and cozy.

I am working on my Christmas shopping lists.  I need to get my gifts, for MissL and MrB, I want them to feel loved and special.  I am hoping next year to make more things, I am going to order myself a sewing machine, and hopefully learn to use it and make things!

The snow has been falling for about a week now, and it is still falling right now.  We’ve been a little trapped in the house, so tomorrow we are heading out, with a friend to try to do some shopping.

Other then that, I have been loving on my baby, baking all kinds of desserts, wrapping presents, trying to do laundry and actually have it dry, build fires, get wood and trying to clean the house, which is less then successful, but thats ok.  I am going to try to make sure it is spic and span for Christmas, maybe that is the best present I can give MrB.  If it were up to him our house would look like no one even lived here,  it would be that clean!

I am going to try, seriously, to keep this up better!

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