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Miss L celebrates her 1st birthday

October 26, 2010

And so my baby, is a baby no more.

Although she will always be MY baby, she is now officially into toddlerhood, with walking just around the corner.  I LOVE watching her grow.  It seems like just yesterday she was placed in my arms, all bundled up in a blankie, with dark hair plastered in curls to the side of her head.  I’ll never forget her eyes looking at me as a wee baby, taking my face in as much as I was hers.  She ‘talks’ to us, feeds the dog, and cries with a real pout when her Papa tells her ‘No!’.  She can climb up the stairs faster then me almost, and I can hardly take an eye off of her during the day or she is into something she shouldn’t be.  She has finally slowed down her growth, and is still wearing 12 month sized clothes.  18 months tends to be a little to long for her.  She now has 8 teeth total, 4 on the op and 4 on the bottom.  I love to kiss her chubby cheeks, and pinch her little bum when she heads to the bath.  She likes to take her bath with her Papa, as soon as he gets in she is standing by the tub reaching over into the water, her little leg hitched up in the air trying to find something to push off on to hop in.  Her absolute favorite pastime is to unfold a pile of clothes her Mama just folded, and so the laundry here usually has the fortune to be folded several times.  (Although this Mama is learning, and has now started to put the clothes away right as they are folded.  What a concept!)  Her eyes are a beautiful dark blue with brown hints, and a perfect almond shape.  There is still not a lot of hair on her head, this winter she will need a few hats to keep warm.  The little hair she does have is blondish with red hints to it.  I foresee a beautiful little girl in our future, and her Papa is already scheming up ways to scare her potential suitors away.

We celebrated as a small group.  Just the three of us and MrB’s grandparents.  We will see her French grandparents this coming weekend, and my parents sent gifts in the mail, with more to come.  We bought her a little kitchen, or rather the cuisinere/oven.  We put it together but we need to get some glue, so for the moment she has yet to really play with it, as when you open the door it kind of falls off.  For Christmas I am thinking of getting her some pots and pans and food to go with it.

It was kind of a sad day for me.  It is hard being far from family certain times of the year, and yesterday was one of those days.  I wish my parents and sister could have been there to help us celebrate.  It was also a little sad because nothing is really working with regards to me working from home.  And I am not sure where that is leading us.  Maybe to a career change, as there is really no way I could leave MissL 50 some odd hours a week with a nanny.  It was also sad, because my baby is no longer a baby.  It is a real joy to watch her grow up , it is amazing just how fast one year has gone by.

*No pictures for the moment because my computer is more then full again so I have to clean it out again.

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