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Go France!

October 19, 2010

The lines at the grocery store are out of control.  Not so much for food, actually IN the store, but the gas station located just outside that belongs to the store is pris d’assault.  I grab my cart, put my child in, snuggled into the cover a friend made for her, and walk, rather quickly into the store.

There are more people in the store then usual for a middle of the week trip.  Since I have been at home, I haven’t gone to the store on the weekend, it is a madhouse on Saturdays.  I realize while I am there that a lot of the basics have dissapeared from the shelves.  If you want a bag of sugar, good luck.  The milk, Lait d’Ici is gone and some of the other types as well.

Why it didn’t hit me when I was there yesterday is beyond me.  People were/are stocking up.  Just like they are doing with gas.  Outside, at the pump, and in the outrageously long line to the pump, security people are manning the lines, calming tempers, and making sure everyone is behaving.  No one wants to be the person with no gas in a few days if this situation continues, so everyone wants to fill up.  And I assume it is the same thing with food.  No gas means no deliveries to the store, if this whole situation continues, so people must be starting to worry.  I have some meat in the freezer, rice, pasta, some root vegetables in the cave, a ton of potatoes, and lots of apples.  If we had to we could eat what we have for a while, at least a few weeks if we rationed it out well, although we would lack veggies after a while.

This situation makes me realize that I do need to work on getting us ready for any sort of a disaster.  And in general become more self sufficient.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a potager full of veggies to fall back on…

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