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October 8, 2010

Seen on our walk

We are taking advantage of this beautiful weather and going on 6 kilometer walks everyday.  I am finally starting to run into some of my neighbors, maybe at some point here, over 3 years after we have moved here, we will get to know some of them…

I am planning on making some apple vinegar, I have to pick all the apples that are littering my ground up and do something with them, and half rotten apples screams vinegar to me.  Otherwise I’ll chuck them over the fence into the forest next to our house and then we will hear boars rustling around out there at night and be throughly scared.

I mentioned, once again, to my husband last night that I wanted a few chickens.  I am thinking 4.  And for once all he did was mildly chuckle, so I think that I am making some progress.  The nice wife that I am will probably just spring them on him one day, leaving him little choice in the matter.  And since he is so nice, I think all he will do is tell me that he doesn’t want anything to do with them.  And then curiosity will get the best of him, and in all honesty chickens are pretty entertaining to watch.  All I need is some sort of a house to lock them up in at night so they don’t end up be someone else’s dinner…

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