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Musings for a 1st Birthday Party.

September 29, 2010

1st Birthday Party Ideas.

Now, I know that this is going to seem kind of sad, but I think my girl’s first birthday party might just be us.  My parents won’t be here, neither will my in-laws, but maybe I can roust up some friends…

That said I am thinking about party ideas.  I am thinking I will make a carrot cake, since I have about a million carrots to use, and fall seems like a good carrot cake season.  If we end up having friends, I am thinking I’ll do a crepe party.  Lots of balloons. Lots of pictures.

I know my parents got MissL a really cool set of wooden trucks/cars/and other vehicules.  I am excited to get them for her.  She is a girl, but I don’t want to fall into that gender stuck situation, where just because she is a girl all she gets is dolls, and pink things.  That said, I have NO PRESENT for her from us.  And I am at a loss for ideas.  I need to head out to the big mall and look around.  I am not sure if I want to buy the typical stuff though, because my in-laws will surely get her something expected (I am thinking they are going to go for the stroller from Carole or something of the like).  Plus as a general ‘rule’ I try to avoid all the cheap plastic stuff.  I am thinking maybe one of those wooden cart thingys to push her toys around in.  Or maybe a car for her to ride, but being born in October she won’t really be able to use it right away…

I’d like our gift to her to be something special, something that I can tell her about later.  Originally I wanted to get her a swing set.  MrB thinks we should wait though, because it won’t be the season to use it for a while and there is no point in leaving it out to weather one winter for nothing.  And even if we did get that, I want her to have something to open.  Got to get her prepped for Christmas.  Any ideas?


Decisions, decisions!

She will have, I think, a smallish celebration as well the weekend after because we will be in the country house with my in-laws for a Frenchified version of Halloween.  More on that after the fact, but I am thinking we will be dining with 8 witches.  The French haven’t yet caught on that you can dress up as ANYTHING YOU WANT for Halloween…  I’ll take pictures.  I bet my fortune teller costume will be looked down upon.  Oh well.  At least there should be cake for MissL’s birthday.  Oh, wait, scratch that.  Not cake, but a tarte, or something of the like.

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  1. September 30, 2010 12:41 pm

    The first birthday is always champagne for the mom and dad as a reward for their first year as parents! It’s always been a low key adult party for us with a maybe a Teddy bear theme if that’s any help.

    As for toys, I’m just now rethinking all of Charlotte’s hodge podge and replacing a few of her plastic bonanza pieces. I LOVE Moulin Roty for almost everything for kids, especially pousettes (buy on line and compare prices with Kelkoo or the like). Anyway that’s what Charlotte’s getting for her birthday and we’re donating her bright pink plastic one mil bought her (feeling guilty about that….oh well) You could also start on buying her a little kitchen which both boys and girls LOVE and every kid that comes to our house plays with right away. I’m replacing the wood kitchen we have with a sturdier wood one from a German manufacturer and I tossed all the plastic food that was gifted and just kept a few wood pieces. You could buy the wood oven and sink over the next few holidays and ask that people add to the food, plates and toaster etc (all wood) each birthday & christmas. I buy all the kids toys on the internet by googling and stumbling across great sites for example:

    is something I have in mind for Christmas. There are tons of internet stores for this kind of thing. Don’t go to a mall because you won’t have the same selection.

    • ashleyenfrance permalink*
      September 30, 2010 10:46 pm

      Ohhh! I love the kitchen idea. I think we will start with that! It is the perfect gift and we can add to it this Christmas with the food/pots and pans. She is probably a wee bit on the small size to fully appreciate it, but she will grow into it, and really, besides the wrapping paper, most things for a One year old will keep their attention about two seconds… It looks like it’ll be us, and MrB’s grandparents. Which is fine. I really like his grandparents, so it will be nice, low key, but something we can look at photos of later!

      • October 1, 2010 7:31 am

        Yay little kitchens!! I even like to play with the little kitchen. And as far as age even at age 1 charlotte loved her little kitchen, opening and closing the door and rearranging the things inside and pulling herself up with it. Now she plays with it all the time making us things, –it’s funny what she comes up with. Just make sure you buy a sturdy one that’s made well because it will get played with by all the kids who comes to your house and you have to llok at it like a piece of furniture not a toy.

        Here’s the brand I’m thinking of getting for Charlotte, four then evier added later:

        they have lots of cute toys. I love the cash register, something else we tossed because it got broken (plastic–gift). Best bet it to pay more and buy wood speaking from experience!

  2. October 2, 2010 4:48 pm

    Hello ashleyenfrance & misschris

    Just as a little experiment I just googled blogs mentioning Moulin Roty and this one came up first (because of misschris’s comment) and I just had to say hello because a) I LOVE Moulin Roty and b) I LOVE little kitchens! I have a little online toyshop and as time goes on I am trying to develop the play kitchen department – that and the gardening are my favourites for lovely themed toys & presents.

    I promise this is not a sales pitch – I can’t even send most of the big kitchen items to France because of the cost and I’m sure you get a much better deal buying Moulin Roty in France anyway – but I just wanted to say hello because these two things – Moulin Roty and kitchens – really are what my shop and blog are all about!

    If interested I am here :

    but as I say I promise I am not trying to advertise or anything, I just thought you might be interested, and as I am looking at introducing more kitchen ranges I’d be really interested to hear how you get on looking and if there’s anything you think I should sell!

    Love Charlotte

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