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September 27, 2010

I am lying in my bed, yet again, with my daughter while my husband is downstairs watching The Pacific and tending to the fire.  Our house is old, and made of stone, and gets cold easily, so these past few days we’ve (already!) lit a fire.  I love sitting in front of a fire, but with a baby in the house it is all of a sudden stressful, whereas before it was anything but that.  I have to find some sore of a barrier to put around it…  A way to keep my stress and heart beating at a somewhat calm level.  Maybe at the brocante this weekend.

I want to get a sewing machine.  MrB’s grandma has one that she has offered to me at one point and then she stopped saying anything about it, so I think that I need to ask her about it.  She must have forgotten.

I need to start taking more pictures.  I have tons of really cute outfits and no pictures of MissL wearing them.  I have a lot of pictures of her, but it never seems like it is enough.  I like posting them up here, and I like recording our everyday life together, even if it is just spending time in the garden, the kitchen, out for walks, or elsewhere.

Ms Serious in the stroller. She LOVES this doll with the curly ribbon hair.

My baby girl is cutting 4 teeth at once.  We’ve had a few basically sleepless nights.  Finally it looks like 2 have finally poked through.  Only what seems like a million more to go.

Also as a side note, this Mama is starting to get some serious baby fever.  Not yet though.  We have to wait a little bit, and I have to learn to also be content with what I have.  A beautiful, growing, baby girl.  And I am so lucky to have her in my life.  Her little smile and blue eyes light up my life and I can’t imagine living without her.

Trying to capture some bedhead.

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