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My name is Ashley, and I have an addiction…

September 9, 2010

The one aisle that I cannot avoid in the French grocery store at back to school time, is the school supply aisle.

It is beautiful.

Pens of a million different colors, colored pencils, erasers, paper, and notecards…  If there is one thing that I cannot resist is writing utensils.  We probably have 2 entire shoeboxes full because it is stronger then I am.  When I walk by, I can’t help but want to grab and few and throw them in my cart.

I wish I had taken some pictures, but I bet the store security guys wouldn’t really like that.  (And yes, the grocery store has security people.  That said it is important to note that they sell more then just bananas and coffee and the like.  There are computers, TV’s, various home electronics…   Think of a Super Target or something I guess, just with some moldy cheese, and the biggest yogurt aisle that you have ever seen).

Suffice to say that I came home with one new roll ink blue pen, and a small pack of 6 ballpoint pens, all in different colors.

And my life feels a whole lot more complete now.  For now.  Until next year, or even next time I take a stroll down the forbidden aisle at the store.

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