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La Brocante

August 30, 2010

There are tons of blogs out there about the Brocante in France.  Good deals to be found all over the place, or so I had heard.  And I find it kind of embarrassing to admit that it was only this past weekend that we really went to the Brocante.  I mean I’ve strolled through a few since I have been out here, but never really gone looking seriously for neat things.

And I think that I may have caught the bug.  Too bad my house is so small!!  On our first trip really looking for things, I found a little wooden cupboard unit* with two shelves and two glass doors, which I am going to use to stock some jewelery, and a super cute, little desk for MissL to use once she can sit in a seat a little better.  I need to peel the linoleum off the top of the desk that someone stuck on there for who knows what reason, oil and seal the top of the desk and the seat, and glue a crack in the drawer shut, but for my two purchases I spent a grand total of 25 Euros. 

Move over IKEA, this Mama has a new place to shop!!

*This is actually a little cupboard where people used to store the jam that they made until it was eaten.  I was a little scared that I had overpaid, but Michel, gardener and brocante-er extraordinaire told me that this was not the case.  It is in really good shape.  Also Michel and his friend came over, the friend is bricoleur extraordinaire, and he seems really keen on (if we want to) helping us add on to our house.  He was all over, in the attic, checking it out, and it seems feasible to him, and that THAT difficult.  We are going to have to make some decisions soon about what we are going to do here as we are kind of bursting at the seams as it is, and we have been here over 3 years now.  When we moved in, we considered it a 5 year home in condition, and that is going to be just about right as at some point here we want to start thinking about Bébé #2, and 4 of us would have a hard time squeezing in…  So our thought is now to bring in an architect to have a look and give us his opinion and go from there depending on what the situation is according to him.

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