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Made it.

April 26, 2010

Whew, we survived our first transatlantic flight with a baby.  Or at least I did.

And while I was gone amazing things happened in my yard.  It is clean!  Trimmed!  Veggie plot is plowed!  Now I just have to keep it up and get planting.  I can’t wait though.

MissL is now 6 months old, so we are going to try some solids this evening.  I am thinking sweet potato.  I think I am going to skip the whole cereal thing at least for now.  I tried to read the label on a box of rice cereal at the grocery store, and it seemed to be full of ‘stuff’ that I didn’t understand.  And I got two huge sweet potatoes at the store, so I think I can make baby food for a while with those, and just freeze the rest for later.

I was suprised that my flight wasn’t too full with the volcano situation.  I was expecting a seriously full plane, but there were quite a few empty seats here and there, including the one next to me on the way there and the way back, so that was nice.

Kind of a random update, I should be doing more with photos soon, just have to clear some space off my hard drive…

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