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Being an expat is hard

April 24, 2010

People always seem to imagine the expat life as one of tons of fun, excitement and new adventures at every corner.  And, while there is some of that, it is also like life anywhere else, except the fact that there is little family around.  We don’t even have MrB’s family nearby, and while we do have a really nice group of friends, it isn’t quite the same as being close to family.  I am so lucky to have such a generous, loving family.  My parents really are great, and I am so lucky to be able to say that when we come home we have a lot of fun, and leaving is usually a little difficult.  Every time I am hit hard by the fact that at some point the two to three time a year visits are not going to be possible forever, especially if we continue to add to our little family…  But we are lucky, I have to remind myself.  We are loved by many, and are always welcomed with open arms, whether it be three, two or just one time a year.

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