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We made it, now will we make it back…?

April 17, 2010

We made it to the US mainly without incident…  MissL was not that excited about getting on the plane, and let the entire plane know that for about an hour, but once we were up into the air, it worked out fine.  Even the time difference hasn’t been that bad on her.  With all of the naps she takes during the day, she switched over to California time just fine.

But, now that we are here, I am wondering when we are going to get back!  We don’t have TV in the US, so I am relying on the internet, and so far it is looking a little sketchy for me to be able to fly back in one week!  Between this volcano and its never ending erupting, and the back-log now created, I think it is going to be a wait and see type situation.  At least I am at my parents house!  I can’t imagine being stuck in some airport or hotel waiting for a flight home.  That would be awful.  I just hope that if we are delayed it isn’t for too long.  Our Papa misses us and we miss him, even if we are having fun shopping, eating and just hanging out while in the US…

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