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Any tax people out there?

April 2, 2010

So, I have found some things to do for a living working from home.  And I am self employed, or auto-entrepreneur in France.  What I completely forgot to consider is the IRS and taxes in the US!!!  I have always declared (1040 and the 2555 for those that are curious), as is mandatory for any US citizen, and for the moment have always been exempt, as I was no where near making the 90 000$ necessary to become taxable in both countries.

But now, I am not so sure!  What happens when you are self employed?  Does anyone know?  What do you file, and are you still eligible for tax exemption?  If I have to pay taxes in both countries I am worried about it not being worth it and after all the work I put in figuring something out, that would break my heart!  Can any self-employed Americans out there explain it to me?!

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