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Life without a car…

March 29, 2010

…  goes by mighty slowly!

So I know I moan on and on about not having a car, but I feel like re-visiting this subject today.  Because of the weather.  I just wish it would decide what it wants to do!  The sky is a beautiful blue, so I decide that we are all going to go for a walk to air out our brains a little.  By the time I get ready, get the baby ready, (the dog is always ready, especially since I walk him sans laisse), and get the stroller ready to go, it is all gray out and looks like it is on the verge of pouring rain!  And then the hemming and hawing starts…  Should I risk it and go?  Or should I stay at home?

Argh!  Drives me crazy!  If I had a car we could at least drive downtown and shop or something.  Out here since I am on foot I get scared to go too far from the house, in case it really starts to come down, because I worry about having the baby out in the pouring rain.  Not to mention the dog who absolutely hates to walk in the rain, so I would probably end up carrying him, while pushing the stroller, all while trying to run to stay out of the rain!  Not an easy feat!  So I usually stay home and walk some laps around the yard, I take my clippers with me and trim a few things on the go so to speak.  At least I am getting some yard work done, even if it is half an hour at a time!

Although I do think that I am going to kiss my new car when I see it!  This is almost more exciting then when I got my first car ever, because I now know what I am missing!!!

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