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March 1, 2010

This weekend there was a massive storm over France.  Homes flooded, trees ripped out of the ground, rain pelted the Earth…  In general a disaster.  So far they are talking about 48 deaths in France I think.  We spent the day cuddled up in bed, all 4 of us, MrB, MissL, Bandit and I, listening to the wind whip our house.  For as many little problems as our little house has, we were thankful to live here with its walls that are about 3 feet thick.  We have a pear tree that fell over, I am hoping we can get it back up in the next few days and save it.  At one point I ran outside to pick up our trash can that was pushed over by the wind and was spewing its contents throughout the yard.  The wind was so strong I could barely pick it up, it took all of my force.  We are lucky compared to many, I am sure.  We did, though, lose power for the day though and still have some remaining issues with that (think no heat, no not water and no oven!).

So, Sunday was spent cuddled under the covers, all of us.  Nothing to do but laze around, keep the fire going, and kiss the baby.  Which is about my definition of a perfect day.  All that was missing was something nice and hot to eat…  Tonight MrB is bringing home a camp stove, and I can tell you spaghetti has never sounded better…

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  1. Kellie permalink
    March 5, 2010 7:39 am

    I saw footage of those storms on the news and was worried about you! I’m glad to hear that you didn’t flood and that everything is relatively okay. I hope you can save the pear tree. How lovely that sounds, cuddled up with the ones you love!

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