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February 21, 2010

My car is gone.  Snif.  I loved that car so much when I got it.  It symbolized so much for me.  Moving out of our teeny apartement and moving into our house forever away from my job, but hey, its a HOUSE.  Getting the stupid French drivers license; never has a piece of paper been so coveted!  (We bought the house forever away from the train and my work before I got my license.  Yes, we like to live on the wild side.  If I had failed that first test and had to wait the 4 months of so to take it again I don’t know how we would have survived).  But, as they always do, things work out.  I loved listening to CD’s in the car, reliving a tiny part of my life from the states.  It was actually one of my favorite parts of the day, hopping in the car and driving to the train station listening to music, thinking of home.

I thought I would keep it until we decided to have BB#2, but even with MissL, it was just cutting it too close on space.  To fit the car seat in the backseat I had to pull the front passenger seat up all the way, so unless I had a passenger that was the size of a Hobbit, driving other people around was too tight of a squeeze.  The stroller fit in the truck, if I popped the wheels off, and then it was the only thing that fit.  We could have made it work, but while it was still worth a significant amount of money we decided to sell it, and buy something bigger that I will be able to keep for quite some time.  But still, I will miss it.  And how easy it was to park.  And how exciting it was to have bought my first NEW car.  That no one had driven before me (well besides MrB when he brought it home from the dealership).

And, now, it is gone.  And I feel guilty, I didn’t even take a photo of MrB driving it away to sell it to its new owner.

And now, we have another situation.  The new car isn’t bought, and the one I want won’t be at the dealership until the beginning of April.  Did I mention we live in the middle of nowhere, nothing on foot besides the neighbors…  I love it though, when I have a car.  Not that I really have gone out a lot lately, but it is nice to know that I can go out if I want to, even though lately that has been pretty rarely.  So I have to decide, do I get a different car then the one I want to have it earlier, or do I wait it out…  Kind of a rough decision when I am starting to send out CV’s and may have to go on interviews…

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