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February 17, 2010

A rather uneventful day here at our house.

No walk because of the freezing rain, so I am still, I know, working on my TEFL certification.  That beast of a project should be done tomorrow I think.  The worst part is that it is not the class that is taking me forever.  It is writing my CV.  I can’t find any previous copies, so I have to start from scratch and it is not that much fun.  Not that I have a ton to put on there, just that I have no desire to do it.  Plus it needs to be in English for my class, but I am going to need it here as well, but in French.  So in reality I have two CV’s to write…  Argh.

I ate a fried egg for lunch today.  I need desperately to go to the store.  But I have now, finally found someone to buy my car on Sunday (if all goes well) and I am paranoid about hitting something, or having an accident,  just a few days short of selling it.  So I would rather eat the meager things we have left in the fridge and cupboards then “risk” going to the store.  Though it is starting to get a little rough…  Rice with a Kub Or anyone?  Pasta and butter, maybe I can scrounge up some garlic too…  I kind of wonder if I am even going to want to drive the new car…  I’ll be too scared of getting a ding on the thing or something.  The sad part about the egg situation is that I had two before I made myself lunch.  Then the one I pulled out to fry, rolled onto the floor and broke.  So I had to eat the second egg.  And now I am left wondering what I am going to eat tomorrow for lunch.

I don’t like the yolk of fried eggs, so I let it fry until hard.  I gave the yolk to Bandit to eat (hey, its protein, I figure it can’t hurt him).  And he was picky and didn’t finish it.  Which I didn’t notice since I was juggling the baby, and I stepped on the yolk on the rug.  Great.  So, this Mama is off to scrub the rug and write out her CV…

Thrilling days around here.  Seriously.

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