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Cold Days

February 9, 2010

Cold days spent cooped up at home lately.  Not that I am complaining.  I guess I am kind of a homebody!

I was really sick last night.  I don’t know why, it was something I ate last night I think because I was the only one ‘hit’.  MrB didn’t eat what I did when he got home, since, well, I was lying on the floor dying when he got home.  So I was off to bed at 9pm with MissL.  I wasn’t too sure if I should keep on nursing since I really wasn’t feeling to great, but after some searching online I decided to keep on nursing and for the moment it hasn’t had an effect on MissL.  I am still crossing my fingers that I didn’t give her something nasty.

Yesterday we were on our walk MissL, Bandit and I, when we came across a rather frazzeled looking woman on a bicycle.   She slowed down and we chatted just about the usual stuff when you don’t know someone for a few minutes, when the conversation took a turn in a strange direction.

Her: “Have you seen a cat around here?”

Me: looking around our neighborhood which is the complete countryside and wondering where this conversation is going “Um, no.  Why, are you looking for a cat?”

Her: She goes into a really in-depth description of a cat, down to the color of its feet (some black, some white). I listen, but have not seen a cat, am trying to store this info somewhere in my brain in case a cat somehow scales our 7 foot tall gate, and it happens to be hers.  They she says this, “Yeah, I lost my cat in July so I come around sometimes and look for it.”

Me: Thinking to myself, if you haven’t seen your cat since July in these parts, it is either dead, or has been adopted by someone else. “Yea, ok, well if I see a cat that fits that description I will check its collar and let you know…”

And off she rode, although she did stop to talk to my neighbors dogs on her way…

Maybe I am too much of a realist but I can’t help but think that if your animal, especially your cat, has been missing since July 2009, there little chances of finding it!  And there is no longer a reason to be in a panic about it.  But she was out there with her fluorescent vest, on her bike, muddy up to her knees, with binoculars around her neck searching for a cat gone missing 7 months earlier!

Today we stayed at home, cuddled up inside because it is cold out there!

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