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Julie and Julia

January 30, 2010

So I know, I am way behind on the time in the movie field…  The fact that I am a total homebody and had a baby not to long ago dosen’t help.  Plus spending 10 euros to go see a film (for one person) seems a little outrageous to me, if I wanted a small snack and something to drink with that it would easily be double.  When we lived in Paris and could walk to the movies we would go more often, but I have never really been a big movie go-er. MrB laments the fact that I haven’t seen the Star Wars movies nor The Terminator.  I do like seeing a good movie, but sometimes they seem far and few between.  And no offence to MrB but neither Star Wars nor The Terminator are movies that I would go out of my way to see.  Neither appeal to me from what I know or have heard about them.

But last night, in the comfort of my own home, I watched Julie and Julia.  And I really liked it.  I remember seeing a Julia Child movie in Home Ec in the 7th grade.  And I loved it.  Her voice, her haphazard cake making (in the video she was getting up there in age and splashed way more rum into her cake batter then what was called for), she just seemed so happy.  I loved Meryl Streep in her role.  It wasn’t the movie of the year maybe but it was good, fun entertainment.

And that got me thinking along with a recent post over at Tongue in Cheek that I really need to work more on my cooking.  It has gotten vastly better since I have been at home, but there is, as always room for improvement.  So, I am going to start paying more attention, taking notes and starting a system to catalogue recipes that I like or want to try.  I think that it could be fun, a good way to save some money hopefully (or maybe not!).  And a way to spend some of my time!

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