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US Embassy in France

January 27, 2010

The US Embassy in France is really great.  I mean I do have low customer service standards after having so many deceptions in France, but really the Embassy out here is fabulous.  Not only did they make and send MissL’s passport in one week, from the day we dropped all the paperwork off, but they also did the turn around on mine in less then a week too.  From the day that I sent it to the Embassy!  I put the envelope in the mail on Wednsday last week, so they got it on Thursday, and today the Chronopost delivery guy dropped off my new passport!

Now I can finally start really planning out trip to the States this spring.  As in reserve tickets, because besides that, and getting spoiled by Grandma and Grandpa, there is not much else I want to do!  Well, and eat out at some restaurants, but that falls into the spoiling catagory.

I am off to make some lunch and update my photos (all in one post I think), and make some flyers about giving English lessons in my village.

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