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Not much to update

January 22, 2010

Except that the sun is finally starting to come out a little it seems.  I no longer feel like I am living under a rock 80% of the time.  Which is really nice.  My energy is back up and I am now finally used to being woken up once or twice, depending, a night.  In the beginning I was feeling a little worn out, but I am used to it now and it is just par for course.  I actually think I would worry now if I wasn’t woken up once a night.  I’ve gotten to apperciate almost the 4am stirrings.  I even sometimes thrown in some wash to get a super early start to the day…

I have basically completely switched over to cloth diapers, but I am short a few to really only use them.  My turn around time is lagging a little.  If I had about 6 more it would be perfect.  But for the moment I still have some disposables that are her current size and too many to use them all just casually so for the time being I am supplementing with those when need be.  Once I am through with that pack though no more disposables here.  Except for when we are going somewhere.  I don’t really want to have to carry the dirty ones around with me if I can avoid it.

MissL is finally getting used to her crib.  She can lie in there for about a half and hour without getting too upset.  She still sleeps in our room, which I really like, as I am her source of food!  For the 4am wake up call it is really easy to nurse her back to sleep, as neither of us really has to do a lot.  I wake up before she is full blown upset, so he hardly wakes up, and is quick to nurse back to sleep.  If I were to put her in her own bed, she would have to get pretty upset for me to hear her I think (we have a baby monitor, but our two rooms are on different floors, so by the time I wake up, get out of bed and get to her it’ll take a few minutes).  But, MrB has been talking about moving her into her own room, so we will see what the next few weeks holds…

I’ve been taking the once a day pictures religiously, it is the posting that is a little harder, but I have a new system set up so hopefully that will help.

We are also trying to sell my car to upgrade me to more of a family type car.  We have to sell mine before we can buy the new one, and it has yet to go.  I am crossing my fingers that someone wants to buy it here in a few days.  I can’t wait to have a bigger car!

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