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January 18, 2010

I guess I have been a little lazy lately regarding this blog!  So here are the updates…

MrB and I are in agreement that if I do go back to the bank it will be with a part time position.  I am hoping for 80% over 5 days.  A 80% with one day off could be nice too, but there would be 2 days during the week (maybe more) where she would be at the nanny’s until like 8pm…  This is though IF I do go back.  I am still hoping to try to translate, and give English lessons from home.

Haiti.  I can’t hardly watch the news anymore.  What an awful, awful situation.  I feel so bad for these people.  We are so lucky to live in a country where we have healthcare, and in general people are taken care of.  I don’t know how they can have the force to carry on.  It seems so awful that despite the aid that everyone is sending people are still starving.

I love the US Embassy in Paris.  We went and applied for MissL’s passport on Monday, the 11th of January, and they sent it to me on Friday.  Compare that to France where we have gone in twice and still haven’t even applied for the passport…  I think that we should have everything ready for the French one this week, so hopefully we will be able to go in and apply for it once we can then get an appointment at the mayors office!

Oh and I had a contact with a neighbor the other day!  She stopped by because the mayors office had a small gift for all of the little kids in the village.  They had a little ‘party’ for the under 3 year olds but we didn’t go because it had snowed a ton that night. We live too far to walk in the snow, and didn’t want to drive either…  It was nice of her to stop by.  We only talked for a few seconds, it was raining pretty hard, but it was still nice.  After almost 3 years we may finally be getting to know people!

And I think that I am finally learning how to cook!  I mean with what I though was a small amount of food before, I am able to make a ton more meals.  Before I was buying too much pre-made foods.  It is amazing what you can do with some rice, bell peppers, chicken, and sac of onions.

US Trip.  Now that we have MissL’s passport, I just need to get mine redone (I sent off for our acte de mariage last week and as soon as I get it I should be able to apply by mail for my new one with the name change), and then we are off for a trip the US just the two of us.  Papa is going to stay at home to repaint the living room and office.  Poor guy he kind of gets the short end of the stick.  We do need to repaint though and he can’t take the time off to come with us…

And I am now going to update the 365 Project.  Right now promise!  I found my USB to upload pictures so I can finally do my upload.

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