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Ooops, falling behind!

January 13, 2010

I am finally starting to get somewhat of a routine down with MissL.  I can actually (usually) get dressed in the morning, do some laundry, make myself a breakfast and lunch, run the vaccume, and do some chores.  It only took two and a half months.  I am finally starting to feel human again, and things are starting to look like someone is home all day around the house, instead of looking like a disaster.  I am so lucky to be off until July as well.  I know that in France we are lucky to have the maternity leave that we do (everyone gets 3 months if I am not mistaken), but even 3 months seems short.  I can’t imagine getting ready to go back to work, and having to drop MissL off at the nounou’s already.

So with all of this “extra” time that I get because I work for a bank*, I plan on loving every minute of it!  I am also going to redo both of our CV’s, me to find a teaching position hopefully, and MrB just to see what is out there.  Life is too short to waste it away, I want to spend time with my baby and taking care of my family!

I am still taking pictures every day, the part I have a hard time with is posting every day.  (I wonder if that is why I have the time to do everything else, because I spend way less of it on the internet…)  But I am going to work on that, promise!  Off to upload the photos off of my camera and post the Project 365 ones…  And maybe start some risotto for my lunch, and a few other chores!

*France has a system they call the Convention Collective.  Each métier has their own set of rules giving extra benefits depending on what trade you belong to.  As an employee of a bank we have some extra benefits through this convention.  For example we have more vacation then the minimum in France, a longer maternity leave if we want to take it, ect.

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  1. January 13, 2010 9:30 pm

    A friend did the 365 project but she posted them in batches in a grid format each week with short descriptions. That takes the pressure off of daily posting. You can do grids on Picasa or maybe even Flickr’s picnik.

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