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Two Americans in the house now!

January 11, 2010

So all of the girls are officially American in the house now.  MrB and Bandit are our Frenchmen!  Haha.  All went well at the Embassy this morning.  I found the whole process suprisingly easy.  Especially since afterwards we stopped by to try to do MrB and MissL’s French passports, and it is way harder then getting her birth reported, applying for a Social Security Number and applying for her passport at the Embassy.  It has been a year since my last Carte de Sejour renewal, (and I got a 10 year card last time) so I think my brain pushed out all of the incidents I’ve had with French bureaucracy and I forgot it could be so difficult!

Her little photos are so cute!  I love them.  I am so happy that you get to keep expired passports now, because I think that she will like looking back on that later.  We were lucky because it only took one shot to get a good one of her, even the photographer was suprised.  We wanted to do it ourselves, but we got home too late on Sunday and didn’t have the time…  But all worked out, even though we are all exhausted after the day we had!

Hopefully, we will be able to send off for ALL of our respective passports within the next week or so.  I would love to have all of them be issued in January 2010 (wishful thinking for the French ones, I know), just so that I can remember that one month to check them for validity in the future.  Once I get mine and MissL’s we are going to book our flights to the US this spring.  I can’t wait!

Oh, and can I say that I love the fact that the Embassy gives the kiddos a little American flag once they are ‘approved’ for US citizenship!

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