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Christmas and New Year’s Recap

January 2, 2010

Christmas went fine.  MissL was pretty cranky for a few days after her shots, but we made it.  Actually her shots was a pretty awful experience.  She screamed her head off, and wouldn’t stop.  I finally got her to calm down right as we were leaving, loaded her up in the car, and she started again.  She cried the whole way home, making me cry, my breasts leak all over the place…  In other words we were a total mess.  Next time I am making MrB come with me!  I don’t know if I can take it again by myself!

Back to Christmas…  We made it.  Everything worked out fine.  I got a pressure cooker, a plastic cocotte thing to cook in, and a Babycook.  I am pretty excited about those things.  I guess being a Mom means that all of a sudden you are supposed to be cooking good meals for your family!  But that is ok, that is what I want to start doing anyways, so it all turned out well.  MissL was spoiled, but that was to be expected!

For New Years we went to a friend’s house.  We were three couples all with a baby under a year old so it worked out well.  We feasted on foie gras, salmon, oysters, and ate a chapon (a castrated rooster) main course, and a chocolate and pear desert.  We got home around 4am.  I was worried about MissL waking us up really early the next day, but I just put her in bed with us and we all slept in until around noon!  I had to feed her a few times, but it was really relaxing and nice to have the whole family in bed together.

I don’t really have any specific goals for this year.  I’d like to eat healthier, put in my veggie garden and have fun with my family.  A colleague of mine lost her three year old daughter on the 29th and that put things in perspective regarding resolutions.  All I really want is to find a way to spend more time taking care of my family.  Nothing outrageous, no weight loss goals, or earn a million dollars goals, or anything of the sort.  The only other thing I want to do is to is a 365 Project which I already failed on as I didn’t post a photo from yesterday.  I took some, just did not upload them.  But I will just put it up today and we will pretend like that didn’t happen, right?

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