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Turning over new ground

December 20, 2009

I never did get around to turning over my veggie patch this fall.  According to all of my ‘sources’ you are supposed to do this in fall, to prepare the ground for spring planting.  Being hugely pregnant this fall, and the birth having a young one to care for I just never got around to it.  I couldn’t get MrB to do it, as we were also in the upheaval of the bathroom remodel, and with that and working, he had his hands full.  My on again, off again gardener didn’t show any real interest in taking on the job either.

Which leaves me.  As I am the only one really excited about planting my veggies and living somewhat off of my own earth, I think that I am the only person around these parts up to the job.

Up until this week I was thinking that I may just have the time to do the job before Christmas.  If I could bundle up MissL in her stroller and work on it an hour or two at a time.  Slowly buy surely working my way through the plot.

And then it snowed.  And outside my yard currently looks like this:

I guess I am going to have to wait to turn the earth over just before I plant this year…

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