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Project 365

December 16, 2009

I have been thinking about doing a Project 365 (taking a photo every day of 2010).  Since Miss L’s birth that is basically what I have been doing.  I think I maybe have missed 5 or 6 days since she was born…

What I am thinking about doing is cross posting here what I put up on Flickr.  I think it is a neat idea, and where I don’t always have something to say, I do usually have a picture or two to put up from the day.  I guess kind of like visual blogging…  And I think it will help me find something to say!  I am trying to work on my writing, but feel like I censor myself here!

In other news, the weather!!  Really cold.  My lips are so chapped!  But I hate taking my girl out too long in this cold to get some chapstick…  I know I have some, the question is, where?

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