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Negotiations for Noel

December 7, 2009

Have now commenced with the in-laws.  Noel is a family affair for the French side of the family…  Which is fine, but we do it at a country house where there are not enough bedrooms for everyone.  Which means that certain people have to share.  Without going too far into detail my sister-in-law never wants to share a room because of her religious circumstances (she converted to Islam).  My brother-in-law being the baby of his family can be a little spoiled and if he has decided not to share a room, it can get a little nasty.  So, the ones that usually end up sleeping in the dormitory (the attic with a bunch of beds lined up in it) are me and Damien and whoever is left over, sometimes my brother-in-law and his girlfriend, sometimes friends of the family, sometimes the Grandparents, it just depends on what is happening.

I don’t know what got into me this year, I think that it is the Mama Bear protecting her young or something, but I told MrB that I would go if we had to share a room.  I don’t mind doing my part and sharing every other time, but why should we always have to share!?  And with a baby especially one that is breastfed, it seems unfair to me to make us share.  (Also taking into consideration that I cannot breastfeed in front of my sister-in-laws husband so I will have to retreat to my room every time Miss L wants food…)  Personally I also think that even though they usually do their Christmas thing on the 24th at night, since MrB is the only one working on the 24th they could, this year, exceptionally, do their Christmas thing on the 25th.  Apparently this is impossible for them.

I was so hoping to do a tiny Christmas this year with just the three (or four if you count the dog) of us at home.  It dosen’t look like that is going to happen unless Miss L reacts poorly to her shots (which I do not want!) because she gets them on the 22nd in the early evening.  If she isn’t back to normal when it is time to go we won’t take her.  I wouldn’t put her though that long of a car ride in misery!

I like my in laws, I really do.  I just think that sometimes we have cultural differences or something that make it hard for me to understand.  In my family we don’t really care what day we do Christmas.  The importance is that everyone is there and relaxed and able to enjoy themselves.  If MrB, Miss L and I don’t leave until 6pm or something (which will be lucky knowing us) we won’t be at their Christmas dinner until 10 or 11pm and at that time I really don’t see the point, they don’t wait for us to eat…  Especially because I am sure Miss L will be hungry when we get there so we will have to go and feed for half an hour…  So we will be good to go for dessert…  Whatever, I know they want to see their Granddaughter, but you think that they could make things a little easier for us.

Sheesh.  Or maybe I am being outrageous?

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  1. December 8, 2009 9:27 am

    It’s hard juggling newborns and the Fench family Christmas travel-meal. I think we”re going to start a tradition of alternating Christmas at our home and Christmas there. It’s just too tiring and the kids ALWAYS get sick when we do the annual trip. They spend the two days coughing and miserable.

    Do your in laws do a Christmas day meal too? Maybe you could just go for that. It sounds more logical.

    • ashleyenfrance permalink*
      December 8, 2009 11:49 am

      I wish they did something on Christmas day too. But they don’t. That was why I thought that they could move their meal over. But I guess not. Whatever we will just get there when we do and that is that. If they aren’t going to make an effort though, we aren’t going to speed over there! I hope that they turn the heat on though so my baby dosen’t get sick! She is just over 6 weeks old now and for the moment hasn’t been sick, I don’t want her to get sick the first time far from home and the Doctor I know and trust ect… I can’t complain too much though, I think that we are going to try one Christmas with them and one either at home just us, like you, or one with my family in California… Oh, and I wanted to say that you for the kellymom site suggestion. They kind of saved me when I was about to throw in the towel, so I owe you one!

  2. Anna permalink
    May 6, 2013 6:31 pm

    lol years later, so commenting is probably irrelevant but what your in laws did is just plain stupid and selfish. It’s not the typical French thing to do trust me I would know! In my family we always try to gather everyone, respecting everyone’s circumstances. People who cannot be more flexible just appall me. I hope that they let you share a room now and that the siblings in laws have also matured! Haha coup de gueule en retard! By the way your babies are really cute, you are a lucky woman!

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