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October 18, 2009

So, I have finally decided on my favorite names for the baby.  MrB is ok with both, so hopefully they will fit our little one when (s)he decides to make an appearance.  I feel so much relief that this is more or less decided!  I think that the whole name thing was causing a lot more stress then I realized!

Maybe now the baby will decide to can come soon! I don’t want it to come too early, but the wait is starting to get long!  And we are now finally ready.  We have the stroller, car seat, crib, transat, the bedroom is set up, I have enough clothes for the baby to get through a week (I haven’t bought tons and tons since I don’t know if it is a boy or girl…  Kind of puts a crimp on what you can get!)…  And we now have names.  Seems like all we are missing is the baby!  We have even visited the maternity ward at the hospital, and now know where to go when the time actually comes.

We are so ready.

Bring it on, Baby.

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