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October 17, 2009

The weather, as others have noted, seems to have changed overnight here this year.  Even though this summer was one of the warmest we’ve had in a few years, it still didn’t really feel like summer to me.  I guess I was too buzy running around like crazy to really take the time to appericate it.

Now that Fall is here and in a rather wet and cold way, it has hit me how close we are to actually having this baby.  My due date is a whooping 26 days away, which is LESS THEN 4 WEEKS.  Wow.  Things are going to change quickly around here.  (I also have a feeling that we may be seeing baby earlier then 26 days…)  We are so excited to see this baby, 26 days just kind of hit me this morning.  I mean pretty soon I will be able to count the days on my fingers and toes the days until my due date.  I love the seasons that change, the leaves that change colors, the weather that turns cold, making fires and spending the evening in front of them.  And this year the changes for us are going to be amplified by a huge change in our family.  And I can’t wait to see how it all comes together.

I think that it was our visit in the Maternity that brought about all of this.  It was pretty crazy seeing where the baby will be born, where life as two ends and life as three begins.  MrB won’t admit it, but I think that it kind of hit him there that we are embarking on this new adventure in a pretty short period of time!

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