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3 Weeks

September 14, 2009

I’ve been off work for three weeks now.  And I have nothing really to show for it.

I had tons of plans though.  But we have some friends of MrB’s working on our house, redoing the baby’s room and the bathroom, so it has been a little hard to relax here.  I did head to the south of France for a week while they were working on the bathroom, I had no real intention to be here when the only toilet that we have was non functioning.  My tutor for my last English class was on vacation so I couldn’t get real far on that either.

We have given a sort of deadline for the end of the construction on our house.  We more or less told them that they need to be out of here by Friday.  I think that it is doable, and small things like hanging light fixtures ect is something that we can do.  We just need to be back to being the two of us (or three, if you count Bandit), for a few weeks before this baby comes!

Everything is going fine with my pregnancy for the  moment.  It is starting to get a little long here towards the end and a little heavy to carry around, but all in all I don’t think that I have to complain.

I will just be so happy when the work is done and we can set up the baby room, move the bathroom back into the bathroom (I am tired of brushing my teeth in the kitchen sink), and just being back to living life the three of us.  We’ve basically had people over here every day (and every night – they sleep over most of the time) for the past month!  My food budget has gone through the roof and cooking for four adults is pretty intense compared to cooking for just two!  It will be over soon enough though, and before I know it we are going to have a baby too!

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