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Arret de Travail

August 26, 2009

Ca y est. I am officially on sick leave, and shouldn’t have to go back to work until after my maternity leave (which is blessedly long since I work for a bank, I am thinking that I won’t have to go back until June or July 2010).  I am so excited with the amount of time that I have ahead of me to work on some projects…  I am trying to find a way to work from home, for after the baby.  That way I could use the creche instead of a nounou, and not have to go back to my job at the bank.  I’ve got a few different ideas floating around in my head, I just have to figure out what is feasible, if any.

I just wish that I had about 300 000 Euros, to buy a nice big house…  Then I could test out all of my ideas before settling on one.  Hehe.  Too bad that is not going to happen anytime soon.  I just have to keep my nose to the grind and see what happens.

Other than that, we are having our bathroom redone.  Oh joy!  I know that it will be nice when it is done, but living through the work is not that fun at all.  Especially since we only have one bathroom, and the toilet is in the bathroom.  So everytime my 6 and a half month pregnant self needs to go pee, I have to ask and make everyone leave the bathroom!!  I am not supposed to leave the house really since I am on sick leave so it is an interesting situation to say the least.  They are supposed to be done with the bathroom at the end of this week, and after that they are going to work on the baby’s room.  For that room we are not all on the same page as what needs to be done, but they are going to need at least another week to 10 days to do that.  So I guess that I am thinking that by the 15th of September we should be done with the work and back to just me, MrB and Bandit waiting for the baby.  I can’t wait to be back to our life just us, with some improvements (a new bathroom and babys room).

A little FYI:  since the people doing to work are friends of MrB’s and live on the other side of Paris they stay most nights at out house…

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