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Back in France

August 1, 2009

So after a kind of long journey we are back in France…  We arrived on Wednsday and I was back in the office on Thursday.  I am saving as many vacation days as possible for after the baby so I figured I might as well go right away back to work.  It also helped me get back on the right time zone even if it was really brutal while I was there!  Vacation was great as usual.  It always feels so nice to be back at my parents and spend some time with them and my sister.  I think that I was over emotional too this time being pregnant and all.  I had a really hard time leaving.

Bandit survived the trip just fine too.  He fell in love while we were in the US with one of my parents dog’s, another male at that, but at any rate it was nice because since he wouldn’t leave his side and that dog won’t leave my parents I didn’t have to worry about him running away.  Last summer while we were in California he ran away about 5 times, so it got kind of old looking for him all the time.  So he snobbed us for a little while when we got home, I think he was mad at us for taking him away from his new found Love Bug.  But he seems to have gotten over it now, and is back to his usual self.

We came home to our house how we left it, kind of a mess.  We’ve been trying to go through everything while getting ready for the wee one to make its arrival in November.  It is not that easy though.  Our house has two bedrooms, and we are having a friend rip out and redo our bathroom, and he is going to stay here while we are doing to work, and obiviously in the second bedroom.  So I am kind of short on space for the moment.

I have my next Doctors appointement on the 24th of August, and I can’t wait to see when I am going to have my arret du travail.  I know that the French are alarmists when it comes to health, but I am starting to get a little scared for the Grippe A since I do take public transportation everyday.  Two women in California that were otherwise healthy, just pregnant died from this stupid flu.  Not very reassuring.

Well I am going to sign of now, this is getting kind of long for not saying very much.

Oh, and I now officially look pregnant.  At almost 6 months it feels like it is about time!

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