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In the US of A

July 17, 2009

And being severly pampered by my parents!!  Besides shopping quite a bit, mainly for the baby, and taking advantage of the weather, I am mainly enjoying my vacation.

It is always hard to come home, because it makes it even harder to go back to France.  Logically I can wrap my brain around the choices that I have made but it is always hard on my heart.  Kind of feels like it is getting ripped out every time I have to leave.  I am already not looking forward to the leaving part.  Thank goodness that MrB is going to be with me, if I were by myself I don’t know if I would have have the courage to get on the plane.

My dog is loving being out here though.  My parents have two little chihuahua’s as well so the pack of them run around like a bunch of banchees all day.  My parents have been taking them to work every day where they go on a two walks a day hunting feral cats.  They ride down in the jeep all tied to a dog bed with their leashes so no one flies out on the way.  They love it.  Even Bandit is getting the hang of it.  It is not that easy from him to go from being one dog to being one of the pack.

Baby has been going wild in my tummy lately.  It is pretty crazy to see my stomach move around on the outside.

We are going to go to Tahoe I think for two nights.  I feel kind of bad though, we are going to take the car and leave my Mom alone with the three dogs for three days…  But MrB really wants to go somewhere and I would rather go to Tahoe I think then Vegas so I guess we are off…

Signing off for now but more to come soon…

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