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July 7, 2009

It is so nice to be on vacation!

We went to a beautiful wedding in the south of France on Friday.  Saw my in laws, and are seeing them again in less then a week on the other side of the Atlantic!  Today we took the beast to the vet to get his obligatory health certificate to allow him to go on vacation in the US, too.  Tomorrow we are packing, finishing up cleaning the house, showing the ropes the the person that is stopping by to keep an eye on things, and most importantly going in for my second ultrasound!

We can’t wait to see this little bout de chou squirm around in my tummy.  I’ve been feeling it for probably 3 weeks now (at least when I am sure that it is the baby) and I can’t wait to see the image on screen of what it looks like on the inside.  We are not going to ask the sex of the baby, unless we have a last minute weakness!  (Or unless it is totally obivious without the doctor having to tell us…)

Besides that we are trying to relax and realize that we are on vacation!  It is going to be pretty fun, my in-laws are going to arrive at my parents house, and we are all going to hang out for a few days before my in-laws take off for a tour of the US.  It should be pretty fun I think, if a little weird!

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