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Hot, hot, hot

June 30, 2009

What is up with the weather lately?  A few weeks ago it felt like it was never going to be summer.  Now all of a sudden it feels like it is summer times two!  I always wait for the sun since winter seems so long out here, and forget how awful it is when it is 90 degrees outside and something like 110 in the public transportation.

Being pregnant and all I am supposed to be able to leave work 45 minutes early every day…  Which rarely happens.  I was able to leave half and hour earlier today and it was so nice to get home before 8pm, and take the train a little earlier then rush hour.  I am going to have to try to leave earlier as much as possible.  I am entitled to it, they aren’t going to pay me more because I stay and besides a pat on the back I think that is all that I can expect as thanks.  Although it is not all that important, I am on vacation Thursday evening and I go back to work at the end of the month.  When I go back  I think that it will be for about 6 weeks before I am off on my maternity leave, which seems pretty crazy to me, although I am sure when that time comes I will be oh so happy to be off, especially if we have another canicule summer this year!

Besides that I am coming up on my 21st week of pregnancy.  We are pretty excited for the second ultrasound in about a week.  I will feel better seeing that everything is going fine in my belly!

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