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Just What the Doctor Ordered…

May 30, 2009

So the past week that the doctor gave me off to rest and relax had the exact effect that it was intended for.  I feel TONS better and my blood pressure is now back down to normal levels.  The doctors take on all of this is that, well, obiviously work must stress me out.

When he told me that I thought I was going to burst out laughing.  “Really?” I asked instead…  So the end of the story is that I go back to work on Monday (yes, I work on Monday…) and I am supposed to stop by sometime after work during the week for him to take my blood pressure again.  He is going to write a letter to my gynecologist explaining the whole thing.  My medecin traitant is of the opinion that I should take some sort of medication to keep my blood pressure down while pregnant.  Some of my online research, (which I know I shouldn’t do but what the heck too late now) says that there is no remedy for pregnant women execpt rest and relaxation.  So who knows what will happen at my next doctors appointment.

It is kind of funny too, my belly is starting to pouch out a little.  I guess it is about time, I am 16 weeks pregnant.  While I know that I am pregnant, it is a little strange to see the actual effects of pregnancy physically.  Up until now the effects of the pregnancy were ‘internal’.

At any rate I am well rested, and not really ready to go back to work on Monday.  But I can’t stay home forever!  Although this whole sitation has got me thinking.  If my work stresses me out that much, and if I dislike it to that point then maybe I need to look for something else…  I know what my Mom would say…  Something along the lines of ‘Be happy that you have a job in this economy.’  I think that my Dad would encourage me to do what I wanted.  MrB understands and supports me if I want to change (but he also sees me when I get home from work and knows how hard it is for me.  He is also acutely aware of the problems we are going to have getting a nounou next year when I do go back to work if I continue to have 12 hour days).

I hope that after the baby I will have the courage to bite the bullet and get my ass in gear to do something else.

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