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Arret de Travail

May 26, 2009

So, I am unexpectedly off for the rest of the week…  At almost 16 weeks pregnant I have really really high blood pressure.  Last time I was at the hospital for my monthly visit my doctor told me that I had slightly high blood pressure and told me to keep an eye on it.  Since we have a nurse on site at work, I started to stop by from time to time to have her (or him depending on who was there, and may I just say that he is very nice the male nurse even if it was a little weird in the beginning, although I don’t know why I found it weird, I mean why not…?) take my blood pressure.  Sometimes it is ok, at 14/9 or somewhere around there.  And sometimes it is at 16 if not a little higher.  Yesterday they told me to go see my doctor because they weren’t really comfortable with my blood pressure.

So yesterday I left early ran home to go to my general doctor.  He took me off work for the end of the week, I have to stop and have him take my blood pressure from time to time this week, and I had a blood and urine test this morning.  I hope that just taking it easy for a week will bring it back down to a normal range.  I don’t want to cause any harm to our baby, or to myself…  It is kind of scary to have something ‘wrong’.  I have never been on sick leave since I started to work, I am sure that this week it is going to be a catastrophe at work without me, but oh well.   They wouldn’t have thought about me if they were in my shoes…

Anyways with all of this free time I am going to watch a lot of movies and work on my English classes.  If it is my job that is giving me this tension I think that I am seriously going to have to look for something else.  I don’t want to have a heart attack at 40!

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