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14 Weeks

May 15, 2009

Everyone always says that time flies by once you have kids.  How many times on my birthday have I heard my Dad say “I can’t beleive it has been X number of years since you were born.  I can remember when you were just a baby”.  I think that I am getting a glimpse of this time warp phemonena with my pregnancy.  I cannot believe that I am already at 14 weeks.  Already out of the 1st trimester, and starting the 2nd.  For the moment, besides a few choice people, no one at work is in the know.  No one that does not know has asked, so I think that means that I am for sure not showing.  I guess I am also dressing for it not to show.  Given that my boss has asked me not to say anything for the moment, I am trying to avoid the quetion…  But I am not really sure for how long I am going to wait.  One of my collegues is on vacation until the 2nd of June, I will be close to Week 17 at that point, and I would also like to be able to slow down a little at work.  I am allowed to have a shorter day by 45 minutes now that I am pregnant, but I can’t take advantage of that because no one knows that I am pregnant…  It is kind of a complicated sitation.  I understand where my boss is coming from and what he is trying to accomplish, but for the moment I am the one paying the price…  I don’t feel like I am being honest to my collegues, and I would like to take some time to be able to enjoy my first pregnancy…  I have been wanting to start knitting a baby blanket, but haven’t even had the time to order the yarn off the internet.

I am starting to feel like I am getting my energy back.  The problem is that work is sapping it right out of me.  I just want to tell my collegues so that I can take advantage of the benefits that I have, and kind of get my life back in order.  It is stressing me out to have no time for myself.  I can’t really take any days off.  Due to my different collegues vacations I am stuck until the 2nd of June.  Once I get there I only have a few weeks until I am off for summer vacation, so I guess it is just question of taking it one day at a time until I have my summer vacation.  I am trying to save as many days as possible for after the birth.  I would like to stretch out my maternity leave as long as possible…

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