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Running Around…

May 11, 2009

I feel like I haven’t had a minute for myself in weeks.  I have been running around trying to make it to work on time, deal with work (which is an entire different issue within itself), get all of my papers together for the CAF, dealing with my mutuelle, the hospital, having my ultrasound, two weddings and two birthday parties in three weeks…  Basically it has been never ending.

I still have to plant my veggies, work in my yard, do the mountain of laundry that awaits me, buy my place tickets for my upcoming trip to the US, plan for my sisters visit in just a few weeks, and find a minute or two just to relax!

Things are basically just crazy.  I work all of the holidays in May, so no long weekends for me…  I think that I am basically holding my breath until my vacation in July.  I go to the Doctor this week, I am excited to see how everything is progressing.  For the moment I haven’t gained any weight, which is good for me, and hopefully ok for the baby.  My stomch is just starting to stick out a little, so keeping the secret at work is going to be a little complicated.  I guess I am kind of doing it as a personal favor to my boss while the find someone, but in a week or so I am going to give up on keeping my mouth shut…  I am supposed to have an hour less of work time per day, and I can’t take it because no one knows.  It is turning into a car of worms…

So this isn’t proofread, just throwing it out there…

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