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February 22, 2009

I always start the weekend with a really long list of things to do.  And for the past two weekends or so, I have gotten nothing on my list done.  It has been a few weeks that we are supposed to work in the yard.  And for the moment we have not pulled one weed out of the ground, or turned over one square foot of earth in my veggie patch to start planting.  I think that most weekends we are so burnt out from our week that all we manage to get done the weeknd is the grocery shopping, cleaning up the house and sleeping in.

Today I did the usual sleeping in.  We went to bed last night at 3am, we were at dinner at a friends house, when we learned that another friend had her baby that day.  It took forever to leave because one of the guys wanted to go party with the new Papa that night.  But I did get up, clean the kitchen, I’ve got the second load of laundry going, and I got out the in the yard and worked for about two hours, before it started to rain.  And I really liked it.  It felt so good to get my muscles moving and breath some nice fresh air!  I really have to make a habit of working in the yard.  It saves money on the gardener, it is good for me, and it is nice because I am learning how everything works and seeing things.

So, without further ado…

Me work boots matey!

Work Boots

And….  the vegetable patch, in all of it weedy over-grown falling apart glory.  I just have to get about 2 full weekends of work and I think that I can have it kind of looking like something…

dsc_00051I’ve got my work cut out for me!!  Bring on next weekend!

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